WLNS Cashmere

Wellness Cashmere

Relaxed elegance with a fresh and young attitude. Rich in colors and unexpected patterns. A new take on cashmere. Where precious wool and canvas fibers are given a surprising twist for an all-year round vision of understated luxury. Whether traveling around the world, indulging in your seaside view or enjoying the city streets and urban rhythm, Wellness Cashmere embraces and beautifies your lifestyle like a second skin. A unique aesthetic: ultra light and gently soft. Enhanced by the finest and artful quality of Italian craftsmanship. No conventions or fixed trends, no long-established cliché. Cashmere is totally revisited with an unconventional touch, for modern beauty lies in innovation and creativeness. Natural colors and sophisticated finishes outline a playful and lighthearted dimension of leisure and wellbeing, through the chromatic balance of earthly tones and vibrant hues, often mixed to unveil faded effects and distinctive graphics. Extremely fashionable and precious, yet always there over the years, among your beloved objects of desire.